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Booth No : CA07

Since its inception in 1996, Fuisland Offset Printing (S) Pte Ltd has emerged as a prominent pioneer in eco-friendly printing solutions within the dynamic landscape of Singapore. In the realm of Fuisland's diversified array of professional printing services, book printing holds an esteemed position. Over time, Fuisland has cultivated an extensive reservoir of expertise spanning numerous genres of book printing. Our portfolio encompasses a vibrant array of children’s books, academic textbooks, assessment publications, luxury coffee table volumes, travel companions, culinary guides, captivating storybooks, and beyond. Fuisland's well-integrated, comprehensive facility extends from pre-press services to meticulous printing, and culminates in the intricate art of book binding. This allows Fuisland the unique advantage of monitoring each stage of the printing process with a hawk-eye precision. This meticulous arrangement ensures a standard of quality that remains unparalleled in the product's journey from inception to completion.


Some Notable Facts about Fuisland

  1. We are FSC® certified
  2. First Offset Printing Company in Singapore to utilise full 100% Clean Energy for all our printing projects.
  3. Fuisland is the first and only printing company in Singapore that uses TK Nex ink - a Japan's top qualitty soy-based ink known for its enhanced color reproducibility, quick drying and high wear resistance.
  4. Fuisland is the first printing company in Singapore that utilises an antimicrobial laminate (available in both gloss and matte) for book covers to reduce cross -contamination. Deprosa™antimicrobial laminate is a technology marvel infused with a secret formula that repels and neutralises the spread of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms